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Many California residents are trying their best to eat healthier by incorporating whole grains, farmer’s market produce, and lean protein. Many have gone completely vegetarian or vegan.

Regardless of which eating plan you have selected, sometimes it’s difficult to know if you are getting all the vital vitamins and minerals your body needs. That’s where I can help.

I’m Daune (Dawn) Sherff, a Rain International distributor. I am enthusiastic about helping forward-thinking people in the Orange County, Los Angeles, and Simi Valley areas improve their health without complicating their life.

Rain International offers incredible nutritional supplements that advance general wellness. Soul and Core are super convenient gel packs. You can keep a couple in your purse, backpack, car, or gym locker. It’s the simplest way Palm Desert residents can fill the nutritional gaps in their diet.

Another revolutionary Rain product is Form. Form is the first seed-based meal replacement beverage that can be used as a speedy weight loss aid, dynamic workout recovery drink, or quick-absorbing protein supplement. Form also provides important amino acids to your muscle cells.

Coffee drinkers, listen up! Rain has developed something exciting for you also. FUSED is the first coffee infused with Rain’s proprietary nutritional seed blend making it the healthiest coffee on the market.

If you already drink coffee every day, you can elevate your health simply by switching to FUSED. It doesn’t get more convenient and easy than that!

If you have any questions about convenient nutrition with Soul and Core gel packs, Form weight loss drink, or FUSED healthy coffee, please call me today at 520-404-4232.

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I’m Adam Green, and I am creating a new team of serious leaders at Rain International, one of the fastest growing direct marketing companies in the world. We sell industry-leading seed-based nutrition products for an active lifestyle in La Quinta, Orange County, Los Angeles, and Simi Valley. I am seeking experienced network marketing leaders in the Palm Desert area.

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Join my Fast Growing Team at Rain International, where we are focused on revolutionary seed-based nutrition products for a sustainable, healthy, active lifestyle.

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Rain is the world leader in seed-based nutrition, a revolutionary new active lifestyle supplement that delivers unprecedented nutrition in concentrated amounts from seeds.

Seed nutrition is not only one of the most sustainable sources of food energy on the planet, it also supports a uniquely active lifestyle for athletes, active adults, and people constantly on the go. Click the phone icon below to call me right now…

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